First blog post

Well,  here I am, an official blogger. I don’t even know what that means! As I mentioned, I had the gastric bypass surgery in June of 2015.  At the time of surgery, my weight was 220 pounds.  In the gastric bypass world that is small.  When I told certain people, they would say to me, “You don’t look overweight”. I think they were just being nice.  I did qualify with my insurance company because I also had sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and i was pre-diabetic.  Anyway, I have lost a total of 95 pounds and I have been holding steady at 125 for about one year.  I am still fat you just can’t see it as easily.

I say that I am still fat because I think that weight, for the most part, is a mental thing.  Obviously weight is something you see, but its not just about how fat you are physically, its about how fat you are mentally and MAN, I am I fat.  I LOVE food. I think about food from the second I get up until the minute I go to bed.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t dream about food. I crave food and if I let myself, I would eat constantly.  I am seriously surprised I wasn’t 600 pounds pre-surgery.  Food is and I believe always will be my main struggle and I am excited to share more about that with you.

Just for fun…here are two of my favorite pictures of me at my heaviest. I can honestly say, I never saw myself looking like that at the time.


11 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. I’m going to follow your blog because I’m intrigued. it’s been just over a year since my gastric bypass surgery and I also still struggle with feeling fat. I’m looking forward to hearing someone else’s story.

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  2. you are right, I never saw you as fat Linda. Did I know you when you had those pictures taken? Anyway, I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished. I know how much you have struggled. Nobody deserved this more than you. How can you possibly still think you are fat you goof?


  3. I admire how diligent you are sticking to your low calorie intake every day. It’s very hard to do You look adorable and radiant. Bless you and may God give you the strength to continue being successful. I never considered the continuing battle to maintain your weight loss following surgery. Great job!


  4. That was amazing. I think for me, you did a great. Losing weight is always a struggle for women. If you have time, maybe you could check out my new blog. Thanks! 🙂

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