I’ve married a Ninja Turtle…

A lovely lady that follows my blog sent me a message asking me how I intend to change up my blog a bit with recipes and maybe even some exercise routines that I follow. I was like, “YEAH! THAT’S AWESOME! I’ll do that!!!” and then I thought to myself, well shit, I’m not sure my “exercise” or the food I eat is all that interesting.  And then I started to doubt myself and my blogging abilities.  This of course has NOTHING to do with the lovely message and I WANT feedback and suggestions.  It just really made me think about my day-to-day and how I need to improve myself.

I start out every single day the exact same way. I take my vitamins and I have one Dannon light & fit Greek yogurt.  I mix in one of those little fruit cups too.  I like mandarin oranges and I use the “no sugar added” ones.  Then, for lunch, I take two pieces of turkey sandwich meat from Costco and slather on a little Dijon mustard and split a piece of sharp cheddar cheese between the two of them.  I roll it up like a burrito and chow down.  I know, slow down there killer.  I’m SUPER exciting! This is my life. Every. Single. Day.

I started to think about what I do for dinner and this is where things get a bit interesting. I have a husband and a 10 year old at home so what I WANT to eat and what we actually eat are VERY different.  My husband is the worlds pickiest eater and he could live on pizza for every single meal.  I know you think I’m joking but believe me when I say, the man could eat one every day for the rest of his life.  My evening goes like this:



T: I’m hungry

Me: What do you want?

T: I don’t want to say. You’ll get mad.

Me: Pizza?

T: Yes.

Me: Chanticlear?

T: I don’t want to say. You’ll get mad.

Me: Do you want chanticleer or not?

T: Yes.

Now, Chanticlear does sell other food but NOTHING that I should be eating. I will give in every once in a while and order a pizza.  I’ll get a small (always thin crust) and share it with my son.  While I love the taste of pizza, I HATE eating it.  I despise it! The shame I feel when eating a pizza is almost unbearable.  There is no nutritional value that I should be consuming.  “Oh but there is dairy in the cheese” Give me a damn break. There is not enough ANYTHING in that pizza.  I need to be putting protein in my word hole and there is not enough to offset the huge caloric intake of the delicious pizza pie.

I try to cook at home and I try to cook chicken the majority of the time (high in protein) but again, this is a food that my husband despises. He also hates hamburger.  I try to be creative but because I can’t eat that much, it’s hard to make a separate meal for myself each night so I end up eating what he and Joey eat but in very little amounts.  I love the crockpot so I try to find recipes that I can prep the night before and cook with no effort on my part. I mean, we’re ALL busy, right?!

Here are a few links to my favorite recipes and I will try to update my recipe tab with these too. Enjoy some variety my pizza loving friends!

Chicken tacos : easiest crockpot recipe EVER. Chicken, ranch packet, taco packet, broth.

Sweet Asian chicken : By far my favorite recipe. Serve with rice or even quinoa

Pork Carnitas: This one takes some time but it is TOTALLY worth it

Sloppy Jo: This link makes this meal FAR more difficult than it needs to be. Make sloppy jo. Put it in a 8×8 pan. Cover it with a can of corn. Cover that with corn bread mix. Bake according to cornbread box. BAM. Comfort Food.



11 thoughts on “I’ve married a Ninja Turtle…

      1. I am a strong believer in the healing properties of everyday food. When the body goes through certain traumas, like surgery, the stomach has to relearn how to accept foods.
        Through diet, I have changed the life of my room mate. She has very specific dietary needs, I did the research, and it keeps her very complicated medical condition just a little easier to (for lack of a better word) maintain.
        From that standpoint, your diet fascinates me. How it affects you physically, how you cope mentally, social interactions and such.
        The changes you have made might seem like it’s as easy as flipping a light switch, but it isn’t. So, yes, please.. there is someone very interested here for a peek into the window that is your physical health through diet.

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  1. I have had the same issues here with a husband who loves to cook and eat, and loves to feed me things i shouldn’t have. When I was in my diet phase he was on his own and had to make his own food. Even now I don’t eat a lot of what he eats. We do our own thing for breakfast and lunch for the most part, and dinner is salad, a vegetable, and a protein for me. He wants bread, rice, dessert, etc but he has to make that himself and leave me out of it.

    We have had SO many discussions, sometimes at very high volume and it’s taken literally years to come to a compromise that works, and for him to finally have some understanding that feeding me is not nice, it’s destructive.

    I know what you mean about pizza. It doesn’t come in the house but somewhere else, when it’s there, it’s darn near impossible to resist. But, you are maintaining your weight, yes? So, what you are doing is working even with some pizza now and then so you are doing great.

    I’ll have to go check out your recipe links!

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      1. Hmmm… he’s a tough one. YOU go out, talk a walk, anything, and refuse to come home until there is no pizza left in the house 😀 Maybe there should be a support group for husbands. Mine has to bake cake when I’m out, and hide the ice cream in the freezer.

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  2. I love your blog. It’s so humorous and it always makes me smile 😀 I can totally sympathise with you on this one . My boyfriend is really fit and because we live together, I always end up eating the fatty food that he loves. We’ve found some good ways to compromise though. It’s amazing how many calories can be cut out of a meal just by grilling instead of frying, cutting the fat off meat and using frylite instead of oil. xxx

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