You’re being duped

I haven’t been writing as often because I’m taking two classes that are kicking my butt. I do however, seem to find enough time to scroll Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Its way more fun to look at people fighting online than it is to write a five page paper about intersectionality. While stalking, I mean, scrolling through Facebook, I came across this article about a mom’s morning routine. I decided to read it because 90% of my morning is spent yelling, “I don’t have time for this!”. In the age of social media, everyone only posts their perfectly produced, misleading fakery and it can really make you feel bad about yourself. I think the same thing happens with, well, everything in life. Food, weight, relationships…no one posts a picture of them and their spouse fighting! No one posts a picture of them feeling fat and ugly. No one posts a picture of them stress eating a snickers bar shoved into a pint of ice-cream with a slice of pizza topped with macaroni and cheese. Well…maybe I’ve seen that one.


My point is, do not rely on social media (except my blog people, come on now) to direct your life. Please realize that all the other women (and men) are just like you out there. We sleep in just a few minutes too much, we run around screaming at the kids who magically cannot find their shoes that they only took off 10 hours earlier. We pack lunches that probably should be a little more healthy. We skip the work out or we only work out for 20 minutes instead of the full 45 or hour. We drink *one* extra glass of wine.


I want to see more fat people working out. I want to see them dripping with nasty sweat and I want to be able to smell their hard work just by looking at their photo. I want to see more pictures of no-make up AND no filter. I want real photos people.

Just remember, before you get down on yourself about eating that extra slice of cake…or two…tomorrow is a new day and you can start over. Don’t hit the snooze button (more than once) and get to the gym even if you don’t want to. Oh, and if you went to the gym and your makeup (who has TIME for makeup???) looks just as good when you leave as it did when you got there, you did NOT work out hard enough. For dinner, try to add a fresh vegetable. Baby steps. And then put it on Instagram.





2 thoughts on “You’re being duped

  1. Maybe social media is almost as bad as women’s magazines, the futile race to measure up to the fake standards of everyone else. That’s one thing I love about you, that you are the real life YOU. We need more of that.
    I had to look up intersectionality. Now that might be interesting to explore further. Good luck on the paper.

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