Avocado, I put that sh*t on everything…

I’m always looking for new things to eat. I will try *almost* anything once, however, when I find something I like, I tend to eat it over and over again. My new love is avocado. Growing up in Podunk-small-town Wisconsin, I can honestly say I never laid my eyes on an avocado let alone ate one. I for realsies had to Google how to pick a good one. Scrambled eggs? Add avocado. Chicken salad? Use avocado instead of mayo. Guacamole? Yes please!! Half an avocado has about 100 calories and even though it is high in fat, it is what you would call “good” monounsaturated fat.

For dinner the other night I took a piece of toast image2-2and covered it with chicken, two slices of bacon, and half an avocado. It was fricken DELICIOUS. I don’t usually eat bread because it makes me really full really fast and there is not much nutritional value in it so as you can imagine, sandwiches are not part of my regular repertoire. I was only able to eat about ¾ of my open face sandwich but I enjoyed every darn minute of it. Joden had been begging me all week to have some of the smoke salmon we picked up from Costco so his toast consisted of smoooooshed avocado, bacon, and smoked salmon. Again, delicious.


I also want to tell you about a dessert I made. I LOVE dessert because, hello, fat on the inside. I didn’t get to be over 260 pounds by loving carrots and celery! I found a recipe for Oreo Lasagna. Can you say, “Diah-bee-tus”? I fell in love with the recipe but had an “ah-ha” moment and decided to make a healthier version. I say healthy with a grain of salt. This dessert is by no means healthy but it is a less-sugar, less-fat version of the original recipe. It turned out bomb AF!  Joden was nice enough to hammer the Oreos into oblivion.  I used light whip cream, Oreo thins, sugar free Jello, and 1/3 less-fat cream cheese. I skipped the chocolate chips on top that the original recipe called for.  I also used 3 tbs of butter instead of six and only two tablespoons of sugar instead of the full 1/4 cup.  Here is a link to the original recipe.


6 thoughts on “Avocado, I put that sh*t on everything…

  1. I worship avocados. Please put some money in the offering plate that is being passed around so that I can continue to purchase avocados whenever I want. And I’ll take some of Joden’s sandwich, too, because smoked salmon (or any salmon) rocks as well. Wait, I think I just made this comment all about me. Which further underscores the need to put money in the offering plate, because I need help in lots of ways… 😉

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  2. Avocados are a great goodness! They grow here. This year the trees that were totally covered with flowers, and now it looks like we will have a bumper crop. I have frozen them to put into smoothies, but haven’t thawed one before putting it in the blender to see how it does for eating on sandwiches, etc. It would be great to have a year’s supply in the freezer if that works.

    I just read a book about a hiker who is allergic to gluten. She had hamburgers wrapped in lettuce a lot. You could probably wrap your chicken, bacon, and avocado in lettuce, or anything else you would usually put in a sandwich. All of your recipes sound so good! One of my favorite breakfasts is a corn tortilla topped with scrambled egg, avocado, and lemon juice.

    OK, I’m hungry now. I’ll be right over for some of that salmon 😀

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