Random like Monday afternoon

I apologize up front for the randomness of this post. I have about a million things going on in my brain and not one of them is a full and or complete thought so here goes:


  1. I got an A on my paper for intersectionality. She gave me the option to make some changes and submit it again for more points and I figured and A is an A and I’m not going to spend one more minute on something that caused me an ulcer so, no, I’ll pass.
  2. Its my spring break from school. I’m not sure what this means as an adult because God knows I cannot just leave for Cancun and party. Hopefully this week will give me time to start my next paper and get ahead and maybe even write a blog or two to keep on hand.
  3. I know that the gastric bypass can change your hormones. They tell women to use two forms of birth control (I assume this means prayer and pulling out) because the chances of you getting knocked up is like 100%. I never had an issue with acne when I was a teenager but now I get a zit like twice a week. I am a *cough* 29 year old woman and I should not have to worry if I have enough Clearasil at home.
  4. I did like five squats yesterday so don’t be alarmed if I look fit AF in a few days. Just sayin.
  5. I think I’ve found my passion. I joined a group called Obesity Action Coalition . I’m not sure that the group means much other than they take your $10 and now you’re a member, but I still feel as though I’m part of something important.
    1. They have a convention in August that I’ll be attending. It is called Your Weight Matters  and it will be in New Orleans. I am really excited to go and be part of something and maybe even learn something new or help someone that struggles with their weight.
    2. Apparently, congress is trying to pass National Obesity Care Week. I think this is amazing and hope that it doesn’t turn into something that no one cares about. You can go to this website and show your support and ask your local congress man or woman to vote this through. It means the week of October 29-November 4 would be designated to alert the public about obesity. Select this link to tell your congressman you’d like them to pass this bill!
  6. Does anyone know how I can do something else to make a difference? I would love to START a 5k for obesity but I do not know how to go about starting anything. Any suggestions would be amazing!
  7. Also, now, instead of having surgery, your doctor can insert a pacemaker  into your body and it says, “hey, dumbass, you’re full. Don’t eat” and you lose weight. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this but check it out the link here: pacemaker for obesity

8 thoughts on “Random like Monday afternoon

  1. To clarify…as I mentioned less thought out…I mean the fact that the brain dump ramble is just as entertaining and releasing as something constructed over time. Not at all saying your points are not thought out…as I am sure they have spent many minutes in your head. I just mean the fact that you threw it all out there all at once.

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