What day is it?

This week has been busy. I’m pretty sure I blinked and it was gone. I had such high hopes of getting ahead on schoolwork, cleaning the house, getting a few extra blog posts written and saved for a rainy day… Do you know what I actually did? I watched like 7 episodes of Shameless and took my son to baseball tryouts. Welcome to Spring Break-mom edition. Well, I lie. I did research the shit out of starting a 5k. Here is what I know so far:


  1. It is not easy planning a 5k.
  2. The location where I want to have it will not let me reserve the area until exactly one year from the date of the event.
  3. When should I have it? It takes at least 6 months to plan, or so “they” say. September is childhood obesity month but this September is too close so September 2018 it is.
  4. Did you know the color of childhood obesity month is yellow?
  5. How do I advertise this?
  6. Will I get a discount on t-shirts? I really want them for free.
  7. I work for HealthPartners and we have “Yum Power”. I’ve already got them on the books to have a booth. Yay me!
  8. Do I need to be a non-profit? Yes, only if I want to allow my donators to be able to write their charitable donation off on their taxes. This opens up a whole new can of worms:
    1. To be a non-profit you need to have a board of directors (at least 3) who cannot be family members
    2. You need to know your shit. I do not know anything.
    3. You need to be able to file your taxes at a 501c3 because if you don’t, bad things can happen.
    4. Lawyers. Enough said.
    5. This list goes ON and on but I wont bog you down with the deets.
  9. How do I make my own website and make it look better than a 5 year old created it?
  10. What do I call myself? Apparently “Fat on the inside foundation” is offensive…I’ve toyed around with the idea of, “The Derek Zoolander center for Kids who cant read good and want to learn how to do other stuff good too” but its long and wont fit on a business card.
  11. Do I need business cards?
  12. Who’s paying for all of this?
  13. How do I collect the money from people and then how do I get it to the charity that helps the most fat kids?
  14. It is possible to work under an actual running charity but I want this to be my baby.


With all of this stress, I haven’t worked out all week. I’ve slept maybe 6 hours each night and my hair may be more gray than when I started. But I say, go big or go home. I would LOVE suggestions in this area…. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?




4 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. While I think the 5K is a brill idea and I fully support it, there isn’t much on your list where I would be much help. (I vaguely know about building a website, as I built one myself, but that was a billion years ago and I’m sure the coding and concepts are completely different.) Since you were asking for advice, I felt a little bad about just running off without commenting, leaving you to think “well, hell, these people are just useless”. I can be useful, but only in VERY targeted, super-niche areas. Now, if you need someone to write pointless stories about nothing, I;m ON it… 😉

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    1. I appreciate the support. I’ll be giving you my next blog assignment to get typed up. Please use 12 Helvetica and reference the cat and how damn fat he is. I was thinking of naming my nonprofit TACOS – Trex Against Childhood Obesity Syndrome…

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  2. Me, on the other hand, I’m totally useless. I don’t think I can even write pointless stories. My son in law however runs, bikes, does triathlons, etc. Maybe he knows something. Maybe someone can connect you with an experienced organizer who would be willing to guide you.

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