I lied to my fitbit today…

Can I just say that I love my fitbit app? I don’t necessarily give a crap about the fitbit itself but the app is the bees knees. Its easy to use and I am able to keep track of everything with my phone. The only drawback is that it doesn’t know when I try to lie to it. The app only does what you tell it to do. You could strap your fitbit around the dog and play fetch and voila, you have 10 kajillion steps in one day. Don’t log your double whopper with cheese and miraculously you’ve only consumed 952 calories. My point is the fitbit is only a TOOL to help you stay on track.

My dad got a fitbit for Christmas/birthday/Easter/ some holiday and for a while he, my sister and myself did a bunch of challenges. He seriously racks up like 20,000 steps a day! I finally gave up because I sit at a desk all day and I couldn’t spend my entire evening walking the neighborhood trying to catch up. Now, my dad is on the move, please don’t doubt that, but I found a flaw in this magical device. If you wear your fitbit on your wrist (as my dad does), you are probably lying to yourself. Make an obscene hand gesture… grab something off of a shelf…do the dishes. These are all things that “sort of” burn calories but are your legs moving? NOPE! I don’t have the fancy fitbit, I have the little pellet one…the Flex. I take that little pellet out and I put it in my sock and then it ONLY keeps track of my actual steps. I find this to be far more accurate that when its on my wrist. I flip a lot of people off so my arms are always moving more than my legs.


I struggle every single day with loading my calories. “I only had 2 bites of that artichoke dip at the potluck and it was probably only like 30 calories so I don’t need to put that in”. Bull shit! Little did you realize but you ate 2 bites of artichoke dip, 3 bites of buffalo chicken dip, 6 crackers, a hand-full of pork rinds, and 10 wintergreen mints. Add all of that together and you have well over 200 calories. Do this every day and that’s how your jeans don’t fit anymore. I’m not saying you cant eat the 2 bites of dip, but I am saying that when you keep track of it, it can help you make a better informed decision about what you’ll put into your word hole for the rest of the day.

I found this cookbook and its free to download. Its amazing because everything is healthier and it includes the nutrition information. I’ll also post a link to it on my recipe page. I added a bunch of recipes there too in case you forgot to look. Rude.



4 thoughts on “I lied to my fitbit today…

  1. I’ve been seriously considering taking the Fitbit plunge, partly for the health angle but mostly to prove to my partner that I DO NOT sit around on my ass all day, but I’m basically completely ignorant about the whole mess. Is there a model that you recommend?

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    1. I really do like the “Flex” and the reason being because you can wear it on your wrist OR like me, take it out and put the pellet in your shoe. I find it to be way more accurate that way. My sister has the charge and that tells you your heart rate and how many flights of stairs you do. I don’t care about that stuff so the “simple” one works best for me. The challenges with other people work the same no matter which one you have.

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