Sorry Starbucks, we’re breaking up

Pre surgery, I would get a venti, iced caramel macchiato and slurp that thing down without thinking twice about it. Post-surgery, not only do I need to watch my caloric intake but my sugar intake and I am not supposed to have any caffeine.  I have to admit, I’m pretty good on the caffeine and now I only limit myself to a tall (small) skim chai latte.  Here is where my love affair starts.  I love chai.  It’s deliciously creamy and smooth…it’s not too sweet and it’s a bit spicy but its 150 calories out of my day.  Now, some of you may think “Why in the WORLD are you keeping track of the calories in your liquid?” or even, “150 calories isn’t that much!”  Well, in the big scheme of things, I suppose the imaginary voices I have in my head right now are right, but thing is, I love to CHEW my calories.  I am a food addict so I am always jonesing for my next fix.

Quick story: I was driving home the other day and I asked my husband what we are planning to do for dinner and he said, “Linda, by you asking the question, you’ve already given it more thought than I have”. And of course my reply was, UM DUH. I think about food all day long. What am I going to eat next and how much of it can I eat? When I consume 150 calories of chai, it stops me from eating 150 calories of <insert delicious food here>.duh

The other thing I’ve noticed is drinking the chai makes me hungrier sooner. I’ve replaced my chai with decaf green tea which means ZERO calories.  I eat breakfast at 7:30 am and If I drank my chai from 8-9, come 9:15 I’d be STARVING. If I drink the tea, I can make it to lunch at 11:30 before I “need” to eat.  So, in short…Starbucks, I love you, but you’re no good for me.  I need to start seeing other people. I know its important to have that ONE thing you love and may help keep you on track…like, if I eat just one fun-size snickers twice a week, I won’t lose my shit and eat all the foods but Starbucks was starting to be expensive and I’m pretty sure it was helping me eat all the foods not stopping me.

Update: Until I come up with a better name, I will be calling my soon-to-come non-profit TACO: T-Rex Against Childhood Obesity. If you have a better name, I’d LOVE to hear it.


4 thoughts on “Sorry Starbucks, we’re breaking up

    1. Well, an 8oz glass of skim milk is 90 calories so that’s the majority of it right there. In the larger scheme of things…a large hot chocolate from Starbucks is 320 calories. Even their new macchiato is 260. I don’t think most people realize they are drinking so many calories!


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