I’m too old for this ish…

With the end of the semester upon me, I am feeling rather stressed. And you all know that stressed spelled backwards is desserts and you know how I feel about desserts. That didn’t really make any sense but I’m just too lazy to delete my already written sentence. Moving on.

I’m feeling a little crabby and so this post is a big of a rant but also a bit of a sad realization on my part.  A young girl that I work with just got a great new job offer with a big company here in the Twin Cities. She’s only 25. Even though I am super proud for her and happy and all that crap, I can’t help but feel a bit… I don’t know, mad? Bitter? Jealous? Stay with me here folks, I’m going to tie this into food, I promise. We will call her Bridget. Bridget comes from a wealthy family and she has not had want. She lives at home with her mom and dad so she has been banking her 40k a year paycheck from here for the past year. She and her soon-to-be husband just bought a new townhome and EASILY put at least 20k down for a down payment. Has Bridget made good decisions in her life? Absolutely. Has Bridget worked hard? For sure! Did Bridget have a one-up on some people…possibly even me because of her childhood? 100% YES.

Here is how this ties in to food. Bridget is also one of those girls that just “eats when I’m hungry”. Who are these people? They are like magical unicorns. She always has had access to super fresh veggies and home-cooked meals. She will only eat one slice of pizza and then claim she’s full. She weighs like 119 pounds and maintains that without even trying. Bridget’s up-brining was the exact opposite of mine. When it comes to money and going to school for Public Health, it makes me really realize how people that live in poverty, below poverty, or too-close-for comfort poverty make bad food decisions because they do not have the funds or sense to make better choices.

As I’ve mentioned before, growing up poor, I had no idea what an avocado was or how to use it in my food. I LOVED putting condiments on a hot dog bun and shoving it down my word hole. I just assumed that Kentucky Fried Chicken was a well- balanced meal because it came in a round bucket. I don’t blame my parents. They did the best they could for me but I do know that we all suffered because of our lack of financial means.

This just makes me think about ALL of the other things that she’s done that I never have and she’s 11 years younger than I am, all because she came from an upper-middle class family. Her parents paid for her college so she’s starting out with ZERO debt. She’s lived at home this entire time so her bank account is probably out of this world. She hasn’t given me exact figures but I know its WAY more than me. She’s already graduated college and will be going on for her masters program AND just got a job in her designated field of interest. All the while I sit here wondering what I want to eat for dinner.


I apologize to be such a negative Nancy today and if you’re still reading, I thank you kindly for sticking with me on this one. I don’t necessarily believe that everyone deserves a hand out and I certainly don’t believe that you should give me some of yours just so we can be equal. I believe in hard work and education. I do however believe that if I had the opportunity to make better decisions or if I knew the importance of better decisions…I would have made them. I don’t have the answer folks. Do you? It just makes me think about how a 25 year old can be SO much better off than me and I’ve been working hard my whole damn life.



3 thoughts on “I’m too old for this ish…

  1. I am completely with you on this. I had a childhood of severe limitations and not easily-accessed opportunities. Money was scarce, nothing came easily, and I had to bust my ass to achieve anything. (Still trying to do that.) So yes, it pisses me off when people who have never known hardship sail through life, never once encountering a speed bump. In one respect, good on ya, those who have never suffered. Best of luck. But at the end of the day, I want the people around me to be those who are scaling the mountain one foothold at a time. We get each other, we smile in the same sad way, and we are the first to reach a hand out to those just behind us on that mountain…

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