Jeremiah was a bullfrog…

Isn’t it funny the difference between how you see yourself and how others see you? I’ve had a few comments made about me at work recently. In my job, I am in a super tiny leadership role and because of this, I can be reviewed by my peers. I have been told in the past few weeks that I can be sassy (which I already knew) and that I should watch my tone when speaking with others. I’m totally OK with this because I don’t always know when I’m being sassy because that’s just who I am. But what I found super funny was a co-worker told me the first time he met me, he thought I would shank him. He says to me, “Not that I thought you would ACTUALLY shank me but that you could if you wanted to”. He goes on to say, “I just knew not to cross you”. I kind of giggled when I heard this and didn’t think much about it until I heard a similar statement from a few more people. While on the way to the bathroom, (I REALLY had to pee) I said to a girl I was walking next to, “If there’s only 1 stall open, I’m going in front of you” and I laughed. She goes, “Oh, that’s ok, I know you could take me down, Linda”. Oh my goodness! What kind of persona am I putting off? Maybe I need to stop carrying a knife in my hand.

shank you

So then, this morning another co-worker says to me, “Linda, you’re just so cute and always so put together”. I have also heard this exact statement from a few other people and I just think, ya, they’re being nice. On any given day I feel like a hot mess who woke up with less than 45 seconds to brush my teeth, throw on clothes and leave the house without forgetting my child.  Put together? You do not Google “put together” and see Linda.


I bring this up because so many people struggle with what others think of them, especially about their weight. What do I wear? How do I do my hair? What clothes make me look less fat? All these thoughts run through our heads all the time. What do others think of me? I had no idea people thought I would shank them if they crossed me. Maybe I have a serious case of RBF and I didn’t know?!?! I brought this up the other night to my friend Maggie and she goes, “Ya, I was scared of you…” Oh. My. Goodness. So my point being… clearly, people who know me know I am super nice and I will help you in any way that I can. I’m funny and personable. I will not shank you. Well, I mean…maybe but only if you deserve it. You cant go around and worry about what others think about you all the time. Be a good person and do the right thing and leave the shank at home. Some people will just not like you and that’s ok. You cant please everyone but you’ve got to please yourself. Thanks Jeremiah.



3 thoughts on “Jeremiah was a bullfrog…

  1. RBF is a serious affliction. You and I are from the same tribe apparently. I am all about helping total strangers and friends alike, I put myself out sometimes to do so, yet people are still afraid I am going to bash their face in with a hammer, could be they are reading my thoughts, but still! I am a nice person too. With RBF, you hafta like, you know, keep smiling all the time so no one thinks you’re angry at them for no reason.

    I feel you sister!

    P>S> you shank someone with a skiv

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  2. I often get perceived as being arrogant or conceited or stand-offish, but it’s really the result of two things: I am incredibly shy and I’m not good with polite small talk, both of which result in me not saying much, if anything, when I’m around new people. Of course, once I get to know you, there are times when you can’t shut me up, so some people actually prefer the arrogance and not-talking… 😉


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