Another random Monday

Today is another day when I have about 10 different thoughts in my head but none of them are complete so I’ll just throw them at the paper and see what sticks.

  1. I’m done with this semester and my grades are in. I’m happy to report another 4.0 but I’m a little sour on how it happened. Wait, what? Mad at a 4.0? Let me explain. I took a test in my history of violence class and when I got lower of a score than I anticipated, I emailed my teacher. Good thing because he reviewed the test and gave everyone three points back. Yay! In my email, I stressed to him that I thought I did rather well and I’m working REALLY hard to graduate with a 4.0 (with honors) etc. So, when it happened again, I emailed him but he never responded. Instead, I got FULL points on the rest of my assignments. Now, most of you might not even bat an eye at this but I feel like I want my work to be graded fairly and I want the grade that I earned not a grade he is willing to give me after an email. I asked if there was extra credit and was more than willing to work for that A. Instead, he just gave it to me. Aw, poor Linda, upset with her A. It’s the principle of it!
  2. I want to buy this program called BodyBoss Method . Its these ladies out of the UK that use their own body mass as resistance for their work outs. Squats, burpees, planks. All my favorite things! Its 24 mins a day, 3 days a week and it’s a 12 week program. The great thing about it is you can just keep doing it over and over again. I have to break down and actually buy the program. I can do it either all electronically, or they will send you the book to follow. I think this is great because its totally do-able and I’m excited to start a program I can hopefully stick with.
  3. I went to Target to go clothes shopping. Why is EVERYTHING $29.99? Dresses, skirts, shorts, shirts. EVERYTHING. I hated clothes shopping when I was fat. Its so hard to find clothes that hide the fact that you’re carrying 100 extra pounds. Typically, if the store did carry your size, it didn’t fit right and they always charge an extra dollar or two for a plus size. Its not any easier shopping at a smaller size either. I had the hardest time finding anything in my size and when I tried the stuff on, it didn’t fit right. Shorts are too short, dresses are too long, shirts are too big in the boobs, pants are too big in the booty. Shopping for clothes is not easy no matter what size you are.
  4. Eating healthy is hard when your life consists of baseball practice and baseball games. My current life consists of an hour and a half of traffic in the morning and again in the afternoon. I get home and immediately turn around and take my son to either baseball practice or a baseball game. I have ZERO time to cook dinner. I’ve used the crockpot a few times and that’s worked out but the crockpot makes enough food to feed a family of 100 for 30 days. I eat 1 cup of food and I can only eat leftovers so many days in a row before I die. This leads in to a food prep blog post that I’m working on so I’ll come back to this. Do you know what’s the easiest? The hot dogs and walking tacos they sell at the concession stand. Or the giant pretzel covered in cheese that has ZERO protein and 100% carbs. YUM. Luckily, baseball only goes for another few weeks. Joden says to me, “mom, I really don’t like baseball, I really just want to read”. I put him in baseball to be physically active but its just turning out to be more of a pain in the booty than anything. His games are fun and he’s having a good time but I need to plan a bit better next time. Eating a hand full of pork rinds for the protein before dinner isn’t the best idea. I only did it once…ok twice!image2 (002)
  5. I need a nap and that’s ok.

One thought on “Another random Monday

  1. I completely agree that shopping for clothes is a challenge for everybody. I have an extremely long torso yet very short legs. Nobody in the fashion industry saw me coming, so everything I buy is an annoying compromise. Geez…

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