An update and a tribute to Granny

I feel pressured to write a post because it’s been a while since I blogged. A lot has happened and I should have plenty to write about but I just don’t have the “oomph”. I start summer classes next week and I am NOT excited about it. The one class is writing intensive so that will eat up a lot of my time.

Memorial weekend came and went. I actually had off of work for 6 days and when I came back yesterday, I was tired but thankful to be back to a routine. There’s something about camping and being away from home that makes me feel uneasy. Believe me, I LOVE not working but it’s hard to stick to an eating routine/schedule and that is something my body craves. We got a cabin up at the lake like we do every year and this time, my sister and her husband came with. It was great to spend time with them and we had a wonderful time. My anxiety kicked in when everyone was fishing around lunch time and my husband was sleeping off his 10am buzz. I know my body needs to eat but I’m the only one around. I don’t want to fire up the grill and make ONE burger or ONE brat and I can only eat so many beef jerky sticks before I turn into one. I had a handful of pork rinds, some fruit, and a slice of cheese. I’m not sure about you but I hate eating like this. I am someone that NEEDS a meal, an actual sit-down protein/fruit/veggie/possible carb meal. When I don’t get this, I don’t feel satisfied (even though its all in my head because I don’t feel hunger anymore) and I graze on whatever is in front of me which consists of donuts, caramel/cheese popcorn, and ruffle potato chips with French onion dip (YUM). Now, I don’t WANT to eat these foods but they are there in front of me so I munch. Thank goodness I am back at home/work with a regular routine that I can control.

I purchased the BodyBoss Method and I plan on starting it as soon as it arrives. I will post before/after pictures and let you know how it’s going. I am SUPER pumped to start this program. I need to get my booty back.

I apologize that I am not as funny (damn I’m full of myself) and chatty as normal. My husband’s granny, Eugenia, died on Sunday at the age of 91. I only knew Granny for about five and a half years but I loved her as though she were my own grandma. My dad’s mom died when I was very little and my mom’s mom has never been much of a grandma to me so it was nice to have an honorary granny. I had to write a paper on a woman born before 1950 for my women’s history class and I chose Granny. I got to learn so much about her and her life. She was so proud of her family and when we visited her in the hospital last Thursday, she talked about how she wanted to get better so she could play baseball (catch) with my son. She was such a wonderful lady, full of love, kindness, and selflessness. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body, always helping everyone and making special hand-made gifts for everyone.  I would always get a hand-made personal card on my birthday, always on time.  She will truly be missed. While at the cabin, late Saturday night, we got to see the Aurora Borealis. My husband has never witnessed them before and we are all convinced it was Granny’s way of saying goodbye.

Please, love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your children. Be nice to people even if they are not nice to you. You do not know when it will be the last time you see someone.

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