Mission: “Tone potato body” Day 1

Well, last night was day one of BodyBoss Method because you all know we cant start a diet/exercise program on ANY other day than Monday. The first two weeks of this program are a PRE-workout for people that are either old, out of shape (me), pregnant, or have heart issues. I started with a six minute stretch session, followed by 2 sets of each exercise, followed by a cool down session. bodyboss 1The total workout was 37 minutes and I could barely walk up the stairs and wash my hair in the shower because my arms and legs felt like jelly. This is what that tells me:

  1. I really like this workout because its full body
  2. I am totally 100% out of shape
  3. 25 triceps dips (x2) and 30 sumo squats (x2) should not have kicked my butt as much as it did

Honestly, today, I feel good. I took “before” pictures last night and I will share those with you all at the two week marker and hopefully they will show some results. This program continuously advertises “results within two weeks” so we will see about that! I’m not doing this program to lose more weight, I just want to tone my “problem” areas which happens to be my entire body minus my neck and feet.bodyboss 2 Even after my tummy surgery I have these little pockets of I-don’t-know-what above my hips and scar lines. I’m not sure if its just extra skin or if its fat or what but I don’t like them. I don’t like my arms and my inner thighs even more but I know those areas are just loose skin.

Anyway, I’m excited to do this and stick to it. I’ll update you all because I know you’re just dying to know! But for now, its time to read my Environmental Justice book, “Women, Earth, and Creator Spirit”. Wish me luck!


bdyboss 3


4 thoughts on “Mission: “Tone potato body” Day 1

  1. Good for you! I’m terrible when it comes to sticking with a fitness program. As longs as I do whatever it is EVERY day, I’m good. But the first time I get distracted and let a day slip, it’s VERY hard for me to get back into it. Here’s hoping you have much more dedication than I do. (And actually, blogging about it might help keep you in line…)

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