Not sure if I’m coming or going

The struggle is real folks. As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.

We had a baseball game last night from 8-10pm, it should have been our last game but instead, those little S-H-I-T-S won so now we go into sudden death or sudden elimination or something and have to play again tonight at 8pm. I’m just tired of baseball at this point. I do have to admit it was an awesome game. They were down 13-7 but came back and won 14-13. By the time we got home it was 10:30 and I still hadn’t done my BodyBoss Method for the day. I 100% was going to skip it. I haven’t missed a day yet but come on, its only been nine days. I might as well give up now rather than later. NOPE. I put my big girl panties on (actually, my sports bra) and did my squats, lunges, and half burpees. Let me tell you; half burpees were invented by the devil. I mean, whole burpees suck super bad but half of them isn’t half more fun. I got into a plank and did a frogger jump forward and immediately fell to the ground because something in my hip decided it was upset and wanted to throw a hissy fit.  Have you seen that episode of Family Guy where Lois falls down on the sidewalk and hurts her boob? She grabs it and just starts hissing and “ooooohhhhing”? That was me. Anyway, I pulled through but damn, I am sure I pulled something.

lois boob hurt

Life gets hectic and its easy to let things get out of control. I’ve written before about eating a hand full of pork rinds for dinner or grabbing a hot dog at a baseball game because we didn’t have time for dinner. My husband has been getting home at 10:00 at night and he wants to head out to the garage for a beer to unwind.  “Lin, come out to the garage with me!”  They sell these CUTE little bottles of moscato that are only 6oz.image1 So, I head out to the garage and have one with him. “Have one more”. Have I told you how I have very little willpower and I succumb to peer pressure very easily? So, two moscatos later, I drag myself into the house and go directly to bed. Nothing like getting hopped up on sugar late at night to help you keep your girlish figure. Add in Memorial Day boozing and family shenanigans.  I stepped on the scale and I had gained 5 pounds. Now, I realize this isn’t much and some of this could be from the added water weight of starting a new workout (traumatized muscles create water gain for healing) but I immediately realized I was headed down a road I did not want to be on.

There is no better time to stop than right now. I took a step back, I declined all invitations to the garage for a late night drinky-poo and declined the, “Just one more s’more will be fine” thought process. I am telling you folks, this is a DAILY struggle. I’m happy to report I’ve already lost 3 of those 5 pounds this week and I’m happy about that. I just have to remember it is SO easy to get off track. Life happens and it happens quickly. A week of eating like an asshole can add up quick and its harder to take off and a lot less fun than putting on.

A wonderful woman I work with said, “Linda, I enjoy your blog so much because you keep things real and don’t try to portray something you’re not”. Well, there ya go. No one is perfect and even though I’ve had the gastric bypass, I am susceptible to making bad decisions and gaining weight just like my old friend Bridgette. However, I realized this immediately and stopped it before it snowballed out of control. Admitting this is certainly not easy. I think it is easy to take things for granted. “Oh, I’ve lost weight and I cant eat much so it will be easy to keep off”. Nope. Diet, exercise, and CONSTANT vigilance will be the way of my life…FOR-EV-ER.



5 thoughts on “Not sure if I’m coming or going

  1. Good for you and your sports bar, even if your hip didn’t want to play nice. You actually have me eyeing the treadmill that sits RIGHT NEXT to my desk. I have ignored it for nearly a year now, but it’s time that I power-wash the dust off it and get that thing a churnin’…

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  2. Hi Linda!
    Wow that must have been an exciting baseball game! They sure made a comeback with such a close score! Congrats! It also makes for a long day. Great job on doing your workout anyways. I know how easy it is to skip especially after a long day add being tired into the mix and pretty soon skipping the workout feels like a given. Great job on doing it anyways!
    I can also relate to you on the whole injury thing. When I injured myself it was at the very end of class. We were practicing our final dance for everyone and it was the last move and my leg gave way and made a loud cracking noise… Take it easy and ice… That’s what helped me.
    Yes, it is a daily struggle to stay on track. The struggle is real, but the results are worth the struggle! You got this!!!

    ❤ Alana

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