I may be becoming a conspiracy theorist…

I’ve been super busy with school lately with papers galore and books up the wazoo. I am taking an environmental justice course which focuses on food and I quite enjoy it. I’ve been reading about big corporations such as Monsanto and Cargill and GMO’s. I’m writing a paper about animal testing by pharmaceutical companies and I even went as far as throwing away all of our products (shampoo, face wash etc) that have been tested on animals.  You may think I’m crazy but its pretty easy to ignore these things in our world today and just keep on trucking.  By trying to be healthier, I can really see how corn consumption and GMO’s are the leading cause of obesity in America.  What’s more ‘Merican than corn on the 4th of July? Not much but our bodies are consuming more corn (genetically engineered corn) than we can handle!

For those of you who do not know (because I really didn’t) a GMO is a genetically modified organism that causes many health concerns such as living bacteria, cancer, infertility, and immune system disorders. Numerous health problems increased after GMO’s were introduced, including food allergies and digestive issues.  GMO’s contaminate the environment which makes our drinking water unsafe and has been linked to global warming.  Companies like Cargill have created GMO corn.  This corn, the corn you pigged out on the 4th was genetically modified, meaning it was a clone of a piece of corn from a long time ago, most likely more than 30 years ago.  The government pays farmers to over grow their corn to keep their farms alive and not go bankrupt.  They produce the corn to get paid but they don’t have land left for their animals so they put them in huge buildings with no sunlight so they have space to make corn to feed us and the animals.  monsantofranceMonsanto, the creator of Roundup, an herbicide made to keep weeds away, is then sprayed on your food and you ingest this crap.  These herbicides are leaking in to our water supply and down south, they actually have an entire MONTH where they cannot give children water from the tap because it is so contaminated.

This is the crap we’ve been putting in to our bodies because its easy and convenient. I live in the middle of the city and I work 40 hours and have a child in sports. I don’t have time to grow my own garden.  Just because you buy “organic” doesn’t necessarily mean that your foods are GMO free either. I feel like such a Debbie-downer here folks and I’m sorry. I feel like I’ve turned in to one of those tree-hugging hippies my parents have made fun of all my life.  Reading these books irritates me to no end! Here I am, trying to be healthy and eat right but these large corporations are pushing me down.  I fight every single day to barely keep my head above water and there they are, holding my head under, drowning me. How can I compete? Well, I’ve started doing my research.  I am becoming a conscious shopper.  Buying local, making sure that the organic products I am actually buying really are organic. This can be so expensive! One pound of grass feed “organic” beef is $8.99 compared to $3.59 on sale. No wonder Americans are as round as they are tall.  I’ve downloaded an app on my phone where I can scan the product and it will tell me if its been tested on cute littlekatniss-3-fingers-may-the-odds-be-ever-in-your-favor bunnies or beagles. I am just one person and this is just one step at a time but you have to start somewhere. May the odds be ever in your favor folks.  No more living with my head in the sand.

P.S. If my blog magically gets deleted, you know it was Monsanto 😉


13 thoughts on “I may be becoming a conspiracy theorist…

  1. This has bothered me for a long time! As someone who has developed a problem with genetically modified wheat (celiac) I have become ever more conscious of what I put in my body. I also really hate animals testing… there are many other ways of testing products.

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  2. I have dabbled a little bit in GMO research, but not for the same reasons as you. I apparently care more about the Monarch Buttefly species than myself. I just registered my property as a “way station” and I protect the species in my home. I can not get milkweed along side farmers fields because it will kill my caterpillars. I learned this quickly. How sad is it that the chemicals they put on our food has put a beautiful species at risk, oh wait humans are a beautiful species too…disgusting!! I have a hard time paying organic prices also because I did a little research on that as well and in order to say something is Organic in Canada you basically just have to say it is. There are no tests conducted to prove it. Sadly we are at the mercy of the manufacturer. I do grow my own garden, but living in four seasons only helps me for two to three months a year. Sad sad world we have created.

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    1. You’re right. I just read an article on butterfly’s and it’s just sad that they have decreased by 39%!!! Our seasons here make it hard for crops as well. That’s Monsanto, holding us down with their fat green thumb


  3. Oh, you can preach all day long about this mess and I will listen to every word. It’s TERRIBLE what the corporations are getting away with, backed up by certain legislators (at all levels of government) who are actually promoting Big Business over citizens, because money is more important to those legislators than doing the right thing. UGH!

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  4. I’m with you!! I moved to Panama and within a month felt considerably better, and I swear it was the food. Low stress? I think not, moving, by myself to a new country where everything is done in a different language? The food is locally grown and comes to town fresh every day. All the cows are free range. Produce is grown for flavor, not looks. My life long gum disease problems, GONE! Yeah, something is very messed up with our food supply in the US.

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      1. Maybe that’s true for Europeans? Many Panamanians are larger, but they often eat too much fried food and sugar. I see more and more concern for health though, good food, exercise, etc so they are working on it, especially the exercise part.

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