Nom Nom Nom

I have foods that I literally cannot eat or I will get sick.  These are usually the foods that are most delicious.  When I say I get sick I mean that I either dump (I’ll explain more about this), get the “foamies” or spew.


Dumping does not necessarily mean what it sounds like.  Dumping comes in all forms.  For me, dumping means I get hot, I feel like i’m going to throw up, my stomach aches, and I get super tired.  It is almost like I got the instant flu.  This happens after I eat too fast or if I eat too much fat or sugar.  It passes within 30 minutes.  This is my bodies way of saying, “Hey stupid, you had surgery. Don’t eat that shit anymore”. I’ve made a list of things that make me dump:

Skittles.  I cannot taste the rainbow

Boneless chicken wings. I think its the fat content

Anything spicy. No more hot sauce for me

Taco bell. Again, see fat content above

Ice cream. Don’t talk to me about this.I’m still not ok.

Cottage cheese. I LOVED cottage cheese pre-surgery. Now? See Garth above

Aaahhh, the foamies.  These are horrible.  This happens when the hole to your pouch (sphincter) gets plugged and food starts to build up in your esophagus.  My mouth literally starts to foam. You want to swallow but it won’t go down so it makes you want to spit.  You have 2 options here: make yourself throw up and drink water until it gets unclogged.  I usually throw up and not because I want to but because my body makes me.

These are my bodies defense mechanisms and it took me a long time to realize what they were.  I’m glad my body does these things because they stop me from eating like an asshole.  Not everyone has these issues and thats ok too.  I just make sure to follow the rules set up by my surgeon and when I do, I live happily ever after.