I have a lot of products that are my “go to” foods.

For breakfast every morning I have a Dannon Light & Fit .  I like it because its only 80 calories and has 13 grams of protein.  It is low in sugar too! I add mandarin oranges to the toasted coconut and it fills me up until lunch.  Please make sure if you’re getting prepackaged fruit to get the “packed in water”. I also get the “no sugar added” to make sure I’m keeping my sugar intake down.

If I forget my lunch or if I’m traveling and I don’t want to stop for fast food, I always have a  Pure Protein bar or protein shake on hand.  The protein bars are great because they’re low in sugar, calories, and high in protein.  I use these as a meal REPLACEMENT not an addition.  The protein shakes are also used as a replacement.  Please note that you should NOT be trying to get your protein from liquid.  You should be chewing your protein.

If you need something to drink besides water, try FairLife milk  because its high in protein and lower in calories than regular milk.  They make chocolate milk too! Please be careful because the chocolate is high in sugar.  I’ll mix 1/4 cup chocolate with 3/4 skim if I need something a bit sweet. I did go through a faze where I craved chocolate milk and this did the trick.

I try not to snack between meals but if I need something, I try to gear myself towards foods with protein in them.  I am ALWAYS checking food labels and comparing calories to protein.  Below are some links to some snack foods that I approve of.  God knows you need MY approval 🙂

Salt & Pepper Pork Rinds  I buy these for $.98 a bag at Walmart.  No carbs, No sugar, 80 calories and 8 grams of protein.

Beef Jerky  any type will do but I like this stuff because its soft and tasty.  You should get at least 12 grams of protein out of 80/90 calories of Jerky.  Typically these are in 1oz servings.

Eda-Zen edamame are great for a salty crunchy snack. I lurve them!


Let me know what snacks you love!