Recipes and Good Eats

Please follow this link  to the healthy eating cookbook.  It is a PDF that you can download for free.  The recipes are all healthy versions and the cookbook gives you the nutrition information as well.


I made a dish last night that was Ahhhh-mazing.  I took potatoes and cut them up and browned them in a skillet.  I added asparagus, red pepper, and mushrooms.  I Browned that in the skillet and then added smoked andouille chicken sausage and Hillshire Farm turkey sausage.  It was the best damn thing I’ve eaten in a long time and Tim LOVED it too.


Grilled rosemary chicken thighs :  this is a fantastic and super easy recipe. Even my husband enjoyed it and he hates chicken!

Chicken tacos : easiest crockpot recipe EVER. Chicken, ranch packet, taco packet, broth.

Sweet Asian chicken : By far my favorite recipe. Serve with rice or even quinoa

Pork Carnitas: This one takes some time but it is TOTALLY worth it

Sloppy Jo: This link makes this meal FAR more difficult than it needs to be. Make sloppy jo. Put it in a 8×8 pan. Cover it with a can of corn. Cover that with corn bread mix. Bake according to cornbread box. BAM. Comfort Food.



Here are two cooks books that I purchased used for less than $10.  I think they are both great and have tried multiple recipes out of both of them.  I like them because it tells you the nutritional information (protein, carbs, fiber etc) and it also tells you how you can modify the recipe depending on what stage you’re at (liquid, soft, solid, etc).

I tried to put a link so you could just buy them but you can Google.