Mission: “Tone Potato Body” Day 14

I have been consistently doing my BodyBoss Method for a full two weeks now and I haven’t missed a day! WOOHOO go me! They brag about seeing results after 2 weeks and I can certainly tell a difference. I totally  love this program and I would suggest it to anyone that needs a little assistance in the workout department.  Here is what is good so far:

  1.  My legs don’t feel like jelly anymore after I do 30 squats
  2.  My arms are stronger and you can totally tell there is less loose skin
  3.  My thighs are more toned and there is less loose skin
  4.  My tummy is firmer and flatter
  5.  I actually feel better both physically and emotionally

I have been trying to eat better too.  I did a huge food prep on Sunday with fresh veggies so I have them during the week and I am very happy with those results.  I typically don’t like the idea of food prep because Tim hates leftovers and I don’t really much care to eat the same thing day after day either. It will always work out that we have some unexpected “thing” that goes on mid-week and now we end up wasting a bunch of food. However, this worked out well and I’ll share that in another blog.

My BodyBoss Method program is M W F and then cardio on T R with rest on Saturday and Sunday. I have not been “resting” on the weekend. I make sure to take the dog for at least a 2 mile walk/run because his fat hangs over his hips too. I would say all in all, I give this program an A+.   Please see below for my before and 2 week progress photos.  I should mention, it is not easy for me to bare all like this and second, that sports bra is ALL padding.  Don’t let me kid you in thinking I actually have boobs:






12 thoughts on “Mission: “Tone Potato Body” Day 14

  1. Congrats on the perserverence and the good results! You inspire me to get more active too.
    I was wondering, unwind time with husband is important. Can you have an herbal tea or something in keeping with your goals while still enjoying your time together? I know, for many it is important what the other person is drinking, not sure why. Find something in a can that you can pretend is beer 😀

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      1. you said it, it takes a lot of courage to do what you are doing. You are an inspiration. I think that world needs more inspiration, therefore, you are deserving of loving support from your blog followers, at least mine.
        When I say it takes courage, I do not only mean the pictures you shared, I speak f the whole fucking process. Your determination, your pure will: if this isn’t motivated inspiration, I don’t know what is.

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